Will you conduct the cleaning without the client's home?

Although we prefer to deal with customers in their homes, in certain medical circumstances, we can still make decisions with their input even if they are not present. We will never clean out a house without first getting the homeowner’s consent, comprehension, and knowledge.

How much input from the client is required during the cleansing process?

Even though we don’t ask customers to actively move things, we do solicit their opinion when making decisions. After all, the customer’s chance of a positive experience and result increases the more engaged they are in the cleanup.

How do you deal with a stubborn customer?

Helping the customers clean up their houses is our responsibility. Building confidence is our primary goal, followed by imparting skill sets. As the cleaning process progresses, the customer may be pushed outside of their initial comfort zone, but our teams are trained to recognize these situations and speak with the customer.

Can family, close friends, and church organizations assist?

Our experience has shown that friends, neighbors, and church groups are best fitted as post-cleanup support groups after the process has been finished because homes are filled with highly emotional situations.

Can you assist in teaching a family member the cleansing procedure?

Absolutely. To help the client and their family members understand the cleaning plan better, our team will work with them. We’ll take an effort to ensure that everyone is well-informed.

What does cleaning up a hoarder cost?

Every task is different, and prices will change depending on a number of factors, such as the home’s size, contents, occupants’ decision-making capacity, and potential hazards. In order to find a solution that meets your requirements, we offer free estimates and will consult with the family.

How long does it take to clean?

Timing varies based on volume, risks, and other factors for each home. It usually takes 3 to 5 days to build a house. Even though the cleanup itself typically takes less than a week, planning for it can take weeks.

Does the client get pauses while the cleanup is being done?

Each task will be customized to the client’s capacity for concentration and decision-making. We emphasize the needs of the client, whether that entails working half days or full days, and we promote breaks as necessary.

What should one do with treasures discovered inside the home?

Any valuables discovered in the house belong to the client. Finding valuables during cleanup is a thrilling experience that we use to gain confidence and energy. Immediately after sharing the item’s history with the crew, something of worth (either material or emotional) is brought to the customer. An essential step in the procedure is taking the time to recognize and value these stories.

Do you have any goods to donate?

Absolutely, our team will aid with the specifics of donated goods. Our staff will sort and inventory all items after the customer chooses a favored donation group, and we can transport them to the donation center. We’ll conduct a thorough inventory, complete the gift receipt, and give it back to the client for their records.

Can you aid in merchandise sales?

Although we can direct customers to partners who specialize in marketing particular products, our team does not actually sell the products. Our team does not receive a cut of the proceeds from the sale of any goods, as the sales partners typically charge a commission.

Can you keep things there?

Many of our sites do offer the option of paying extra to store items in their warehouses. In the event that our site lacks internal storage, we have partners across the country who can affordably store items. In every situation, our team will take care of the details of transporting the goods to storage facilities. However, after a clean-out, long-term storage should only be employed in unique circumstances.

Are animals taken out of hoarder situations?

Animal hoarding is a fact in our line of work, and we know that our clients only want the best for their pets. In order to find the healthiest and safest spot for the animals, we will collaborate with local animal control, vets, adoption agencies, shelters, and rescue teams, depending on the seriousness of the situation. Please call with any inquiries about your particular circumstance, and be aware that all conversations are private.

Are you certified, bonded, and insured?

Our employees are all insured, bonded, and licensed across the country. You can be sure that any member of our team who enters your house is qualified, dependable, respectful, and compassionate.

What if asbestos, mold, or other potentially harmful elements are discovered inside the home?

For cleaning and repairing mold, water, fire, and smoke damage as well as odor and hazardous materials, Duda Restoration provides a complete range of services. The services are an extra expense, and they will be discussed both at the conclusion of the cleanup and during the cleaning evaluation.

What if you discover a hazardous circumstance inside the house?

Our teams are well-versed in identifying any potentially hazardous conditions, from building problems to mold and feces and everything in between. After inspecting the house, we’ll let the client know if there are any potentially dangerous circumstances and talk about the best way to manage them.

Can you assist the client in maintaining the freshly cleaned house after the cleaning process?

We’ll work with the client’s family to develop a cleaning schedule. We’ll also call the client later to check on how they’re doing and determine whether further assistance is required.

How stealthy is this procedure going to be? Will the residents learn?

We are aware of the critical nature of anonymity. We will cooperate with the client to maintain the highest level of secrecy.



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